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Wholesale Aroma King Disposable Vape Pods UK

When fantastic taste, efficient battery, and custom hits come together, you call it Aroma King disposable pods. The strikingly amazing pod is everything you ask from a vape device. Crafted for the best and long-lasting experience for the user, Aroma King is ruling the vape world, manifesting its name.


  • Smartly designed mouthpiece- The mouthpiece of the pod is very smartly designed for a strong grip, maximum comfort, and no air gaps.
  • Expert Developed Solution- The juice is wisely prepared by vape experts for maximum flavor and satisfaction of vaping.
  • Top-of-the-line raw material- From body material, and juice ingredients to coils and mesh, every element of the vape is handpicked from the best sources.
  • Generous Nicotine- Amazing nicotine strength guarantees the ultimate vaping session full of contentment and pleasure.

Why Aroma King?

Just ask and Aroma King is there to fill up your glass with every element of a great vape. From plenty of detectable flavors to long battery life, the brand ensures an uninterrupted vaping time for complete relaxation. The vape juice is made out of expert-sorted raw material from trusted sources and the device is also very considerate of user safety and convenience. The heating mechanism is very secure to prevent leakages or burnouts of the juice, which is often the case with ordinary vapes.

Aroma King variants

600 puffs with 2% nicotine

700 puffs- Sleek vape pen with no nicotine and full flavour

Jewel- beautiful diamond design with 2ml e-liquid, 0% nicotine, and 650 mAh battery


Keep experimenting with taste by switching between popular flavors like Energy Drink, Cool Mango, Cola, Banana Ice, Lychee Ice, Mango Apple Pear, etc.

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