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Wholesale IVG Bar Disposble Pods

I Vape Great! Literally embracing the words, the IVG Bar disposable pods are your best escape from daily routine stress and anxiety. The perfect on-the-go MTL for a refreshing and obviously great vaping session, the disposable device is redefined to enrich you with fuller, denser, and more flavourful vapors that run down your throat while tantalizing your senses.


  • Food Grade Plastic- Not just the mouthpiece but the entire body of the vape is made from premium quality food grade plastic to ensure user convenience and safety.
  • Overwhelming Flavors- From quantity to quality, the flavors offered by the brand are bountiful and refreshing.
  • Aromatic Puffs- Not just the taste but the fragrance of the vapes is also mesmerizing thus giving the true value of the flavor.
  • Quick start- Inhale activated mechanism requires no formal power on settings. Simply start vaping your favorite tint.

Why IVG Bar?

Everyone has their own reasons for vaping. Some vape to quit smoking, some to relieve stress, and some just to try. IVG Bar extends a wholesome and fit for all vaping experience with full satisfaction and ultimate pleasure. The robust device with fantastic flavors and seraphic vapors trailing down your throat, the brand is going to thrill you with every puff. Best in class quality and thick cloudy vapors, IVG Bar vapes spoil you with choices of flavors, with each variant best in its own way. So, grab your favorite now.


Pick from exotic and summer-ready flavors like raspberry ice, cola ice, Aloe grape ice, Classic Menthol, Fuji Apple Melon, etc.


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