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Wholesale Vapeurs Disposable Vape Pods UK

In a saturated industry like of vape, finding a perfect vape is difficult but Vapeurs saves you a lot of time as the disposable pods by the brand speak of quality and perfection. Fit for all devices, the brand caters to the needs of all Vaper types. Don’t miss out on the quality stock of the Vapeurs Disposable Pods that are worth investing your time and money in.


  • Great vapor plumes- Enjoyable and relishing flavor of the vape juice is magnified by vapor plumes by the device.
  • Maintenance-free- Easy to use design and no maintenance pods by the brand are the least complicated.
  • Smooth hit- The delectable e-liquid and balanced fume output provide a smooth throat hit.
  • Discreet design- Your style quotient will be perfectly complemented by the unique designs of the pods.

Why Vapeurs?

Starting from a cute colorful compact body to a technically advanced inner system of the pod, Vapeurs disposable pods are classic vapes trusted by pros. Developed in fully quality-controlled facilities, the vapes by the brand are next level in the standard. Making the product more delectable, they have expert-picked flavors. Not much into endorsing, the brand has proved that quality has no substitute when it comes to an industry as competitive as vape pods.


  • Salt Nicotine: 2%  
  • Puffs:  Up to 600
  • Capacity:   2mL
  • Battery:   550mAh
  • Pack of 10 Vapeurs
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